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Our Mission

From the pen of the Spiritual Director

Our Mission

God heard the cries of the people of Israel when they were enslaved in Egypt. He wanted to free them from their suffering so He sent Moses. God had sent DSV trust when he heard the cries of the people suffering in and around Maharastra. Last twenty years DSV is doing the mission given by God. It is selfless institution takes the burden of personal expenses for the trust and work for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries get 100% benefits of the funds received. I appreciate all members of the trust and the associates as they too contribute to the trust. Meetings are regularly held and minutes are maintained from time to time. Reports are published each year. Beneficiaries are respected with love and concern. We too are sad to see children cannot go to school because of uniform or notebooks or school fees. When people are deprived of education and medication it hurts us and pains us.

We do not have lots of funds but we are growing year by year. Bank interest is gone down and our income is reduced but we do our best to provide basic help to all who ask for help. Day by day demands are increasing. Medical bills are towering the expenses. Our work is more showing sympathy, concern and comforting the suffering people. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

What is more important is that the trustees meet regularly and are united. We gave one goal and one direction. We are inspired by the Spirit and we work with zeal and enthusiasm. We need your prayers and if possible give financial support that you too can wipe the tears of some unknown brother or sister and be part of the mission of Christ. The measure you give the measure you get. The Lord of Mercy always fills our cup to the brim.

Fr. Philip Vaz

SMTC virar (W)